Tired of Waiting?

movementbyrobert Dec 08, 2022

"Good things come to those who wait." Really? I'm sort of sick of waiting on stuff. Not all the time, but who really likes to wait? None of us I would guess. And waiting for "what comes" is even worse. What is the "what"?

I think there are different kinds of waiting. One is a situation over which you have no control. Sitting at a stoplight, waiting to be called at the doctor's office, or waiting for the previews to end so the movie finally begins. 

Another type is where there is a specific date or destination and you have to wait until that day or moment comes. We know Christmas will be here on December 25...and wait until it arrives to open presents. I LOVE birthdays. So I wait for a long time until my day arrives. 

There's another type I've been experiencing this fall. Waiting to do a specific something, but it depends on a number of other factors before that comes to fruition. For me, that is releasing my first big online course. I've set multiple dates to release it, but have had set backs that caused me to wait longer. However, rather than passively "waiting" for the date, I am ACTIVELY working to help bring that date closer and shortening the painful waiting period. Because the final goal got moved, I wasn't sure when it was going to happen. So I waited longer and kept working.

During this time I made a goal of doing movement everyday. At first, I would coordinate my movements with what I was teaching and recording. Once that portion was done, I just chose a movement that felt good to me that day. But EVERY DAY I did a movement lesson from MBS or BFL (Mind Body Studies or Bones for Life). Dropping down into my body every day helped the waiting not feel so difficult. While my brain wanted to scream "When will this be done," my body would say "All is well. All in time." 

Tired of waiting? At least for now you won't have to wait any longer to see my course "Movement for Musicians 101." I'll be sharing more information over the next week about it and releasing the course on Monday, December 12. Stay tuned on ways to connect. 

Tired of waiting? I get it. We all have to wait at times. But, I can give you some tools to help your body be more at ease during times of waiting. No pain, more gain. More awareness. More good things. To reframe a well known quote by the Dalai Lama, "Waiting is inevitable, suffering is optional." 

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